Fishing Tours

Morning Private Fishing Tour

“Stylish…private fishing charter! You don’t need a yacht to have a stylish private charter… gather your friends or family and make memories to cherish forever…”

Arrange a fishing tour in Zante just for you and your beloved ones! The Zante fishing Tours, also gives you the option of a Private Fishing Tour adjusted to your specific interests. So, gather up your pals and get ready to fish like a local whilst visiting the nearby island's magnificent sites!

NOTE: The time and place of departure, the fishing spot, the menu, time and place of return and various other details can be modified upon passenger’s needs.

F/V Panagia departs from Zakynthos main harbor at a time that is convenient for passengers, heading to the spot that we will stop to catch our fish with traditional Greek methods. The fishing tour will last approximately 8-10 hours (depending on the weather and the fishing spot). If we are lucky, then we get to meet on our way the famous loggerhead turtle "Caretta-Caretta", dolphins and "Monachus-Monachus" seals. Afterwards, we head to the spot that we will throw our fishing nets. On our way there we will enjoy the stunning morning serenity while having Greek coffee accompanied with fresh baked goods. On the meantime our crew will describe to you, all the methods we are going to use to catch our fish.

After the throwing of the nets we will anchor to a quiet and isolated beach, where we will stay for the next 2-2.5 hours, and enjoy fresh summer fruits and dives from the boat. Then we will gather the fishing equipment and see how lucky we got. During this procedure anyone who may want can participate if the captain considers it safe.

With our catch we will head to our next stop, another beautiful and peaceful beach where we can swim and enjoy the warm sun while our freshly caught lunch is being prepared. Grilled, fried or in a soup, our fish will be accompanied by risotto, fresh local vegetables, salads with extra virgin Zakynthian olive oil and local homemade wine.

Once we finish our lunch under the shade of the boat, full of experiences and delicacies, we will relax on our boat, having the wonderful Greek sea, the Ionian breeze, the sea food tastes and the wine as our company, we will head back to Zakynthos main harbor around 5 pm, filled with great memories and once in a lifetime experiences.

Extra Tip: If you are not really keen on fishing but you wish to accompany your friends and relatives in a Zante Fishing Tours then you must know that there are plenty of things for you to do on board! Swimming, exploring sea bottom, visiting isolated beaches and savoring mouth-watering delicacies can make this excursion a unique experience to tell. Moreover, PANAGIA fishing boat is comfortable and you can sunbathe and relax as you are sailing in the Ionian sea